The current predicament of the Muslim ummah should cause us to ask difficult questions about our past and present. How could a nation that once led the world come to the position that it is in today? Were we ever as great as we are told or have we refashioned our history to explain away the pain of the present? It’s time to look back properly and ask questions that lead to deep answers. 

This groundbreaking Conference will address this unique topic that has never been addressed in this way in Australia’s Muslim community. Through a range of talks, panels, an incredible exhibition and a ground breaking documentary, we will tell the story of Muslim history and ask the questions few have dared to ask.

Conference Objectives

Tell Islamic history on its own terms, and through its own lens and worldview

Question - honestly - our own narratives and projections about the past

Interrogate how we can learn lessons from the past to charge the way forward

Conference Details

Sunday 20th October

Storey Hall (Building 16),
RMIT University, Melbourne

10am to 6pm

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